Selby Children’s
Literature Festival

Selby Abbey, Selby Library 

17th , 18th, 19th June 2021

About the festival

Children’s Literature Festivals is the idea of children’s author, poet and voice artist Christina Gabbitas who is Event Director for the festival. There are over 350 literature festivals in the UK, with less than 10% solely dedicated to  children. There are some wonderful festival, but very few throughout England, and these are not easily accessed by children and families from all backgrounds. We at Children’s Literature Festivals want to make festivals and books more accessible for all.

The first Selby Children’s Literature Festival was held in 2016 and  was a huge success, engaging over 3,500 children and families. This was then repeated in 2018 with an equal success. We hope to introduce many more children’s literature festivals throughout England in the near future. If you would like to get involved, please email:


Families & Communities day schedule

Saturday 19th June 2021 at Selby Abbey

10:30am - James E Nicol

The Apprentice Witch 10.30am

11:15am - Liz Million


12:45pm - Paul Cookson


1:30pm - Tom Palmer


11:45 - Nick Toczec


2:15pm - Donavan Christopher AKA Rappaman


School’s Virtual Festival schedule

Thursday 18th June 2021

For all schools who register there will be an opportunity to access some FREE via the Fonetti App until September. We will publish more details soon.  For the Families & Communities Day there is an opportunity for a lucky individual to win an Android Tablet on the day and for a school to win free access for one year to the Fonetti App.

9.15am - Introduction

Christina Gabbitas Author & Voice Artist – Storytelling – Train Journey Through Time (taken from my York Castle Museum commission)

10.00am - Andy Seed

Author & Poet – Interview with a Tiger

10.45 am - Liz Million

Draw Like a Pro

11.30am - Dom Conlon

Poet & UNESCO Ambassador- This Rock, That Rock

1.00pm - Matt Goodfellow

Poet – Bright Bursts of Colour

2.00pm - Donavan Christopher aka Rappaman

Read Aloud and Proud

Friday 19th June 2021 – Streamed LIVE from Selby Abbey


Storytelling of Save Us (addressing Plastic Pollution) and Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit (addressing Healthy Food)

Liz Million - Illustrator

Draw Like a Pro

Donavan Christopher - Rapping poet

Read Aloud Proudly

Paul Cookson - Poet

Read Aloud

Ursula Hurst

Making Your Own Story Book

James E Nicol

Apprentice Witch Series

Meet the authors

Festival Sponsors