Liz Million

Liz Million is a crazy, lively Illustrator and Author of children’s books that will have you chuckling, drawing, writing and learning within minutes! She claims to be able to draw any animal in the worrrrld and will gladly show you how to draw them skateboarding or dancing!!

Liz likes to think that she has THE best job in world. When she isn’t painting and writing books in her little studio in Darlington, she spends a lot of time travelling the world talking to eager children in amazing schools, libraries and museums! She has been visiting schools for over 14 years and has recently travelled to schools in Hong Kong, Brunei, China, Qatar, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland to name a few.

She loves drawing crazy creatures, cartoony animals and showing children (and grown ups!) how to become better artists. Once the characters are drawn she then encourages them to write a story for them. Simple!!

She graduated from Kingston upon Thames University in 1998 after her Illustration degree and was snapped up by Walker Books straight away and she has been illustrating ever since.

Since then Liz has created some crazy books like ‘The Not-So-Silly Sausage’ and more traditional tales too. ‘Digger’ is Liz’s own story about a dinosaur that doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.