Donavan Christopher

Donavan has been writing poetry seriously for the past 15 years as a tool for self – expression and to tackle social problems via the sports participation and cultural equality (SPACE) project in Huddersfield. As D.BO. He has worked the underground circuit in ragga sound systems, jungle / drum and bass, performing and hosting events from local to international venues. He has had a great amount of exposure and success in this field, which still continues today.

He is currently working with young people on Rap poetry educational projects. Themes include respect of self and others and an insight to cultural diversity around the world we all share. Dealing with all types of difficult issues promoting Respect all people he engages the youngsters giving them the forum to share and discuss views, helping them capture and express their thoughts an imagination in a safe environment all done in a fun way.

The objectives are:

  • To support schools and organizations delivery of poetry from different cultures. Engaging their thinking ability and writing skills.
  • To promote awareness of the contribution of living language to our understanding of our world through social education via rap poetry.
  • To promote the value of communication, social respect and the arts in school.

This is achieved by:

  • Initial planning with both the literacy co-ordinator and year or group leader.
  • Establish what stimulus would be used with young people and organize into ability sets.
  • Donovan and teacher working with young people to produce their own writing or performance around issues or subjects that effect are well being and social responsibilities.

Follow-up work with the young people and their teacher in literacy time is encouraged so that work can be re-drafted and presented for display. Young people are encouraged to perform their work to adults and young people within the year group.

Evaluations carried out with young people and staff after going through the rap poetry education sessions has proved very positive, with young people showing great enthusiasm and enjoyment in the performance element and gaining an awareness of the richness of language beyond StandardEnglish.

These are some of the L.E.A.s he has worked in partnerships with, evaluated to a high standard by pupils and staff in Kirklees, York, Wakefield, Oldham, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Manchester, Cheshire, Hull, Halifax, Cumbria and Wakefield health authority.

Lambeth City Council, Kent, West Sussex, and Surrey Birmingham, North East England

East Anglia, South West L.e.a, Wales, Derbyshire and Leeds City council Dundee and more.

Donavan has recently had his first book published through Caboodle books and AuthorsAbroad, (Rappaman) which has been well received at home and abroad.

He has also worked with West Yorkshire police and the charity Crime stoppers delivering anti violence sessions and around the issues of cyber bullying.

Here are the International Schools who have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mr. Christopher. Moscow 3 days Holland 3 days, 8 days in Switzerland 14 days in Kuwait 3 weeks in Qatar and more recently 3 schools in Egypt..

With positive feedback from the staff and students of the Schools involved. And more recently schools in Qatar where he spent 4 weeks promoting his book and respect for all people. 2 days in ASM in Milan. He has also worked at Army garrison Schools in Cyprus for a week. Another School added to his journey is Khartoum International Community School in Sudan 9 days. And more recently he has worked at a School in Hannover Germany.

The latest schools have been in Cambodia Phnom Penh 2 weeks and 3 days in Sharjah / Dubai.

Donavan’s second book Rappaman to the Rescue (In the book of rooms) has recently been published in 2012 by Caboodle books and is also now available on school visits and by request.