Hafiza Issa

Hafiza Issa is a busy wife and mummy of three young children. She is a Dispensing Optician by profession. She decided to take a break from her optical career, so she could focus on her children. In her spare time, (there’s not much of it!), she likes to write and perform poems about her family, politics and life experiences that everyone can relate to, published on Instagram. Recently, one of her poems have been included in a Manchester based poetry anthology. She has also qualified as a Masseuse and training to be an Aromatherapist in a bid to help people destress in a holistic way.

She is the author of the book ‘Earmuffs to the Moon’, which is a book that attempts to dispel some myths about autism by informing the reader about a neurodivergent mind.

She is passionate about raising awareness and acceptance of autism, educating and inspiring people to achieve their goals and being positive.